Cross Country mountain bike racing (XC, XCO, XCC) is a complete test of bike riding skills and fitness. Action-packed and fun for all, races are relatively short and consist of multiple laps loaded with features such as technical climbs, rock-gardens, singletrack trails, roots, drop-offs and jumps.

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XC mountain bike racing (or XCO – short for Cross-country Olympics), is a mountain bike race format held over undulating, mainly off-road circuits which riders must complete several times.

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Gear up for the adrenaline-pumping 3rd round of the Wild West MTB Series at Walloon on the 17th of December! Dive into the thrill of cross-country mountain bike racing up close and personal. Seize the opportunity to be a part of this epic event. Ready to join the excitement? Learn more by clicking the link below!

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One of the best parts of getting into cross country mountain biking is meeting new people and sharing your experiences. Fortunately, Queensland is full of awesome mountain bike clubs.


What is Cross-Country Mountain Bike Racing?

Think XCO tracks are easy? Time to think again

If you think cross-country is just tight lycra and fast laps around a field, think again. It’s a discipline that requires insane fitness, intense focus and outrageous bike handling skills.

So you’ve heard of cross-country, but what actually is it?

Cross-country mountain biking is a combination of phenomenal fitness, super-human strength and some pretty impressive skills to boot. It’s mud, blood, sweat, gears and tears. It’s physical exertion and exhaustion, grit and determination, tactics and dramatics.

The descents in a cross-country course call on a similar skill set that downhillers employ and today’s most successful racers are those with bike-handling credentials any gravity rider would be impressed by. Of course, the downhill discipline is bigger and burlier when it comes to the technical terrain, but it should be noted that cross-country races are now won and lost on the ability to gap doubles, take stupidly steep inside lines and pilot 100mm of travel through rock gardens.

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